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Sexy Costumes, Role Play Can Enhance Intimacy

Let Sexy Comfort Lingerie Help You Deepen Your Love Life

Many couples like to engage in role play, using sexy lingerie, costumes, and props to heat things up. Most experts endorse this as a healthy way to enhance a relationship. At Sexy Comfort Lingerie, we are committed to “inspiring your desire to be sexier.” Our bustiers, gowns, leather lingerie, and erotic costumes are designed to accentuate your sensuality and bring out your inner temptress. Upon seeing our wide range of sizzling-hot styles, vibrant colors, sensuous fabrics, and tempting designs, you’ll easily be able to picture yourself wearing these seductive outfits. Our sexy lingerie is created with an eye towards wearability and comfort, so they are as pleasant and sensual to wear as they are to look at. Even the more adventurous pieces like our leather lingerie are made to keep you as comfortable as you are sexy.

Sexy Lingerie Costumes with Fantasy Games Offer Real-Life Rewards

According to sex and human relationships specialist Dr. Pam Spurr, sexy costumes and role play are constructive and enriching tools that allow couples to try out different roles. A partner who is ordinarily shy gets the chance to experiment with taking a more dominant role. Dressing up as a “sexy nurse” or “erotic maid” can help build sexual confidence, particularly when you have the right sexy costumes to enhance the illusion. Because you are playing a fantasy figure, you may feel freed from your usual inhibitions. Other benefits include improved communication, as well as the opportunity to learn new things about your partner.


Spurr notes that it is important to find a fantasy you will both enjoy, and suggests talking it out first before slipping into a sexy costume and performing. If you crave being a sexy nurse but your lover has a real dread of medical exams, this might not be the best first choice. In addition, you should never imply that your partner isn’t “sexy enough” the way he or she is. Remember, you are role playing and wearing sexy lingerie to deepen your relationship and to enhance the sexuality of both of you.

According to Spurr, many couples enjoy the “naughty neighbor” fantasy, in which one of you pretends to have wandered over to borrow a cup of sugar, only to find the neighbor answering the door in some sexy lingerie. “Stranger sex,” where you pretend you have never met, and “scientific study,” where one acts as a sexual researcher who sets out to explore the sexual responses of the other, are also popular. No matter what your fantasy is, one thing is certain, there is always a way to incorporate sexy lingerie into your fantasy.

Sexy Lingerie Helps Set the Stage

Wearing flattering, revealing and sexy lingerie can help boost your self esteem, as well as firing up your partner’s desire. A look through our collection of sexy costumes and ensembles can provide you with dozens of ideas.

The main key to feeling and looking sexy is highlighting the parts of your body you feel best about with the right piece of sexy lingerie. Our short skirt and mesh lace top, with its slender spaghetti straps, can call attention to shoulders and upper arms, recently considered sensuous areas in their own right. Strategically-placed ribbons draw the eye to your breasts, while a strip of bare skin peeking between the top of the skirt and bottom of the blouse is an enticing bonus.

With our Sexy Lingerie, the Possibilities are Limitless

You could be sweet and seductive in a babydoll style that mixes innocence with sex appeal. Or try a bustier, designed to show off luscious cleavage while shaping the waist, or a chemise with plunging neckline. For a sleek, bold and sexy look, take charge in our leather lingerie.

With Sexy Comfort Lingerie, you can’t go wrong. From lace to leather, lingerie has something to offer every woman looking to spice things up in the bedroom. Start enjoying a better sex life today. Your partner will no doubt thank you for it.

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